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Friday, February 24, 2012

Quilled Flower and Humming Bird

I loved the piece quilled 3d flowers and humming bird Inna had created so I thought the best way to learn is to try and see how close I could get. And this is the results. Well I'm proud of this coz I had been quilling for just over a week when I did this piece. Please check out Inna's work here.

I am all thumbs and keep getting bathed in glue!! Begginers please be careful with the glue and apply very little and use a toothpick!! Your fingers get stuck to the paper quicker than the card your sticking it on!!

Another problem I had was  the length of the strip!! My flowers were all rather too big. I also had problems with the fringed flowers. Found it difficult to get the petals spread evenly and the coil kept comming loose as I had not coiled it tight!!. But I am satisfied with the end result.

I learned the hard way by getting into the deep end!! Anyway, fringed flowers come out better if you keep the coil tight and glue it now and then when rolling!! ( at least for me it does). And open the flower up in an orderly fashion without being impatient like me!! Arrange the petals evenly when opening and make sure you stick the different sized fringes so there is an even bottom.

I you paste the fringe facing down and thurn it up after quilling you will get the curled-in   look which look really cool for flower centres.


  1. You were in a week wen you quilled .wat else to say..its beautiful..

    1. Thank you Rose Angeline. I did struggle with that one but it was worth it in the end.


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