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Friday, January 25, 2013

New Quilling Technique Tutorial - Coil Rose

This quilling tutorial or quilling instructions is a new technique for making quilled roses using basic coils and is very easy yet looks quite beautiful. I developed this method for my quilled Thai Pongal Card  design. These can be made using tight coils as well but the strip length needs to be increased by 75% .

Make 5 or 6 loose coils from A4 length' 3mm strips.
3 coils from 2/3 A4 3mm strips.
1 or 2 coils from 1/3 A4 3mm strips.
The coils should not be too loosely coiled and should hold the shape without sagging in the middle.
 Now take a sheet of paper, the same color as the coils, and glue them at the point where you glued the coils shut. Glue them upright, slanted slightly outwards as shown above.

Now glue the rest of the largest coils in a circle slanting outwards as shown above.

 Now take the 3 smaller coils and glue them inside the larger circle of petals  slanted slightly outwards as shown above.

 Now take the smallest coils and glue either 1 or 2, depending on the space available, in the middle to complete the rose. 
 Next, apply glue with a toothpick to the areas of the petal that touches another petal and glue them so that the rose is firm and to help hold the shape.

 Now cut out the rose so the paper  is not visible. You can use a small sharp pair of scissors for this.

Now cut 5 or 6 , small leaf shapes of about 6mm height.

 Keep each shape on a semi soft surface or on thick foam and with the blunt end of your quilling tool, rub it gently in circular motion till the pointed end curls upwards.
 The results should look like the above.
Now fold the blunt end of the leaf towards the curled side a tad and apply glue to the fold, turn the rose over so you see the bottom. .
Glue it at the point where two petals meet as shown above, repeat for all 5 or 6.
Once completed turn the rose up and with the forceps shape the leaves by curling the point outwards  so that it looks natural.
Your Done!! An easy but beautiful quilled rose!!


  1. Wow ! I love this rose .Its different and looks fuller.Seems easy to do from your tutorial !Thanks for sharing .

  2. This is beautiful ..I had seen these roses and wanted to make them..thank you so much for the wonderful are so generous in spirit. Pinning this
    Dr Sonia

  3. So nice....thanks for sharing :)

  4. Wonderful thanks for sharing.
    http://at home can be

  5. Thank you for sharing this tutorial, Chris! When I want to make this type of flower with the petals stuck on the vertical, I usually use a hot glue gun. Will definitely try this method!


  6. Thank you all for your inspiring comments.


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