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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quilled Flowers & butterfly- Butterfly Garden

I saw the use of comb quilled flowers and butterflies at a Russian site and was fascinated by it. Though it was not a 3d flower like the one I have made, I loved the way the petals looked. I made up the butterfly as I went along making up the design. I generally do not plan the design ahead, which I think is a bad practice.  I just make different type of flowers that I like and then conjure up the design to fit the stuff I have made!!

For this one I made all the parts 3d style with stems and all and arranged it like a flower arrangement. The tiny leaves are made of round loose coils encircled in a teardrop shape. I think they go well with the small flowers.The yellow flower stems are twisted green strips. Just apply glue to one side of the strip and twist it tight and let it dry, they become nice and stiff.

Tutorial for the dimensional flowers are available here.


  1. This is very beautiful card, great details, perfect quilling!!!

  2. Thanks Georgia, you have such a fabulous eye for color and I'm honored.

  3. Interesting style and approach to paper quilling craft. This 'whimsical" art composition has a unique appeal to it. Commendable and daring work!


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