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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Graphic Quilling - Psychedelic Lady

I tried this multi strip, graphic quilled portrait from an image I found on the net. All the elements are made using multiple strips which I pasted together and then, manipulated the shapes by pulling each strip to different lengths. Wherever possible, I made the shape and pasted it to the backing.

The best way to get the circles are to create an arc by pulling the strips like the pink one at the forehead and then sticking one end on the backing and holding the other with forceps and turning the paper till the proper circle is formed. Then while you still hold the end with the forceps slightly raise it and roll a toothpick with glue along the edge, allow to dry slightly and then stick it and hold it till dry. It is not necessary to paste it completely.

The eyes too are quilled and they turned out great. I'm really proud of the eyes!!

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