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Friday, July 27, 2012

Twin Concentric Petal - New Quilling Technique Tutorial

This is a slight variation of the Twigs & flowers tutorial.

Step 1
Paste 5 or 6, 3mm strips together as shown.

 Step 2
Score  the strips with your fingernails to get a nice curve.

Step 3
First hold all the strips together about 1 1/2 inches away from the pasted end and then pull each strip starting from the shortest to form the  arch shown below and then gum the strips together in one spot. Make sure the gum is minimal and all strips are stuck in the same spot.

 Step 4
  Now stick both ends together to form a circle ( see below) and cut off the excess strips. Gum them together where you have pasted the strips previously.

Step 5
 Now push the centre to the bottom as shown below and paste another strip to the bottom and encircle the two concentric petals to form a single double concentric petal.

Use the petal to make whatever flower or leaf you want.

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